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  • Discover Zapatera Island in Lake Nicaragua

    Inhabited by small fishing and farming communities, the picturesque volcanic island of Zapatera lies off the western shoreline of Lake Nicaragua. Tourism infrastructure on the island is ...

    April 27, 2015
  • Rural Tourism on Ometepe Island

    The island of Ometepe, located in Lake Cocibolca, consists of two cone-shaped volcanoes – Maderas and Concepción - joined by a narrow strip of land. The island is thought to have been ...

    October 24, 2014
  • Judith Kain House Museum in Puerto Cabezas

    Located on the Caribbean coastline in the Autonomous North Atlantic Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, the municipality of Puerto Cabezas offers visitors tranquility and unspoiled nature, along with ...

    October 10, 2014
  • The Critically Endangered Nicaraguan Spider Monkey

    Listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as 'Critically Endangered', Nicaraguan spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi geoffroyi) may be found in undisturbed areas of ...

    September 26, 2014
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What to See

  • Sights

    Markets at Masaya

    The Masaya Market has been alive for centuries and its role remains the same today: the trade of goods and the exhibition of art and culture. It started life in a building that was once a law and philosophy university but the building needed a few changes to turn it into a market place. These renovations finally came to an end in 1891 and the marketplace was ready for trade. Despite the fact ...

  • Travel

    Health Advice

    Before journeying to Nicaragua there are certain health precautions that you should consider in order for you to remain healthy and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. We trust that this health advice for Nicaragua's travelers will be useful. This health advice for Nicaragua is divided into sections for quick reference and your convenience.

  • Attractions


    Many visitors to this picturesque country enjoy the many striking mountains which can be found here. A great place to enjoy wildlife, coffee and incredible bird-watching opportunities, Nicaragua’s mountains certainly have a lot to offer. Nicaragua has more than one mountain range – some reaching to an elevation of over 3281 feet above sea level. They are generally covered with oaks, pines, ...

  • Business


    Whether you live in Nicaragua or are just visiting, a cellular phone can make your stay much more convenient. SMS and calls provide the ability to keep up with loved ones nearby or abroad. Cellular phones in Nicaragua are very popular with those who can afford them and there are a large number of Nicaragua SMS’s sent each day both from cell phones and from internet websites.

  • Culture

    Public Services

    Public services are those services provided by a country's municipal governments for the good of the community. Nicaragua's public services include police and fire protection, waste disposal, water, street cleaning, education, public transportation, medical services, electricity, communications and so on. Improvements continue to be made to Nicaragua's public services, and various ...

  • Health Spas

    El Club del mar

    There are few who would argue against the health benefits of a relaxing massage or a trip to the gym. Recent years has seen a strong trend towards cultivating better health through regular exercise, a balanced diet and appropriate relaxation therapy. If your trip to Nicaragua was for the purpose of relaxation and not work, you might want to consider spending a significant portion of your ...

  • Masaya Region

    La concepcion

    La Concepción is both a municipality, town and volcano but it is the volcano which is perhaps the best known of these. Located in the Masaya department of Nicaragua, La Concepción is not your average tourist destination. The municipality is spread out over quite a large area and the town itself lies in the shadow of the mighty Nicaraguan volcano. Its existence has been threatened by this ...

  • Regions

    Rio San Juan Region

    Named after the river which runs through it, the Rio San Juan department of Nicaragua has the city of San Carlos as its capital and is divided into six municipalities – El Almendro, El Castillo, Morrito, San Carlos, San Juan del Norte and San Miguelito. Nicaragua is a country with many natural attractions and Rio San Juan incorporates a number of these, including the Archipelago of ...


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