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  • Travel


    You've decided to make Nicaragua your next vacation destination. You've chosen the dates and taken leave from work. Now you have to find the right kind of accommodation in Nicaragua to suit both your needs and your budget. There is a variety of accommodation in Nicaragua, from budget to luxury. On another page we discuss hotels, so on this page we focus on other forms of Nicaraguan holiday ...

  • Carazo Region


    The city of Jinotepe can be found on the south pacific side of the country in the Diriamba highlands which is on the south west of Nicaragua. It borders Managua, Granada, Rivas and Masaya. Nicaragua is one of the second poorest countries found in the Western Hemisphere, but still has a lot to offer with its beautiful cloud forests and volcanoes. Jinotepe is 569 meters (1,867 feet) above sea ...

  • Community


  • Culture

    Wedding Customs

    Since the majority of Nicaraguan’s are members of the Catholic faith, the majority of those who choose to get wed do so in accordance with the catholic religion. Just as in other countries, the bride and groom can choose to have just a wedding ceremony or they can have a wedding ceremony with a Mass. The Mass is a popular option since Nicaraguan’s are generally fun-loving festive people who ...

  • National parks

    Isla Juan Venado Reserve

    Isla Juan Venado Nature Reserve is an important protected area in Nicaragua. It forms part of the country's national park system and is well-known as a vital coastal wetland region. The stunning Juan Venado Island is situated near the fascinating city of León to the south of the beaches of Las Peñitas and Poneloya. As such, it is convenient to reach and is frequently included in tours of the ...

  • Business


    While many people never even dream of leaving the town they were born in, there are others who are constantly searching for newer and better horizons. Some of these individuals eventually leave their homeland and take up residency in a foreign country – content to settle for a different way of life that they somehow deem to be of far more value than what they once had. Though to many their ...

  • Culture


    The music of Nicaragua, like much of the country’s culture, has been greatly influenced by its history. Modern day music is a mixture of Spanish and traditional native Indian musical instruments and styles. Local musicians make frequent use of the marimba and other musical instruments that are common in the country.

  • Community


    We continually receive inquiries from people both in Nicaragua and elsewhere in the world about Nicaraguan singles. The majority of these inquiries are from men or women looking to meet other single people who might be interested in starting a friendship or perhaps forming a romantic attachment with them. In order to answer all these inquiries and to help people from all over the world, ...


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