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  • Managua Region


    Ticuantepe is only fifteen kilometers away from Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua, and is one of its many municipalities. Ticuantepe has thirteen small communities under it and combined they make up one of the poorest populations in and around the capital city. The name Ticuantepe comes from the Nahuatl language and is taken from two words. The first, 'Ticuane', means fierce or tiger ...

  • Attractions


    Nicaragua is packed with marvelous attractions and features that make for a brilliant tourism industry. White sandy beaches, tropical forests, one of the biggest lakes in Latin America and stunning colonial cities all contribute to a great tourism experience. No wonder Nicaragua tourism is growing every year!

  • Managua Region

    Ciudad Sandino

    Ciudad Sandino is located in Managua, Nicaragua. Also known as Sandino City, the municipality has quite a large population with almost 75,000 people living in a relatively small area. Ciudad Sandino became part of Nicaraguan history in 1972 when an earthquake shook the nearby city of Managua, threatening to kill thousands. The people who lost their homes and possessions during the quake had ...

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  • Chinandega Region


    Corinto is a very small coastal town that is located on the northwest of Nicaragua. Even though Corinto only has a population of approximately 20 000 and the town itself is very poor, it is also home to one of the biggest harbor ports. If you are looking for a forgotten town where life passes by slowly and where there is not a hint of city life, then Puerto Corinto is the ...

  • Attractions

    Health Spas

    You've been touring Nicaragua, you've seen a variety attractions, you've engaged in numerous fun-filled activities, but now you just want to relax. Nicaragua can provide. Make your way to one of Nicaragua's health spas. Nicaraguan health spas are designed to meet guest's needs, providing facilities for relaxation and therapy. Certain health spas in Nicaragua are based around geothermal wells ...

  • Culture


    Let’s begin by getting some terminology straight: when it comes to wine – you indulge yourself with a bit of “wine tasting”. But when it comes to a steaming cup of coffee the process is called “cupping” – that’s the procedure used by professional tasters to evaluate the standard of the smell, taste and look of samples of coffee beans and cups of coffee.

  • Attractions

    Art Galleries

    Nicaragua is a country with a rich, vibrant cultural heritage. The people of Nicaragua often expresses themselves by means of the arts, whether it through painting, drawing or pottery. They also express themselves through performing arts and literature. A visit to one of Nicaragua's art galleries can give you real insight into the deep emotions and perceptions of Nicaraguans. Nicaraguan art ...


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