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  • Oasis International Fishing Tournament

    The third annual Oasis International Fishing Tournament is set to take place from 6 to 8 March 2008 in Bluefields situated at the mouth of the Escondido River in the Autonomous Region of the ...

  • Crab Soup Festival on Corn Island

    The Crab Soup Festival - Fiesta del Cangrejo - takes place on the Big and Little Corn Islands – Islas del Maíz - at the end of August. The Crab Soup Festival is one of the main festivals held ...

  • Empowering Young Nicaraguans through Reading

    Having the ability to read well can open up a world of opportunities and is a valuable skill for children to develop - the younger the better. Offering children something to read that they can ...

  • Judith Kain House Museum in Puerto Cabezas

    Located on the Caribbean coastline in the Autonomous North Atlantic Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, the municipality of Puerto Cabezas offers visitors tranquility and unspoiled nature, along with ...

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  • Museums

    Literature Crusade

    The term ‘crusade’ can be defined as a campaign or movement but is more often associated with the words ‘battle’, ‘fight’, ‘war’ and ‘struggle’. In fact, all these synonyms are quite appropriate when referring to Nicaragua’s ‘Literacy Crusade’. This war against illiteracy was an extensive, nationwide battle against the ill effects of poor education. The struggle took the form of a nationwide ...

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    Guides & Directories

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  • Health Spas

    El Club del mar

    There are few who would argue against the health benefits of a relaxing massage or a trip to the gym. Recent years has seen a strong trend towards cultivating better health through regular exercise, a balanced diet and appropriate relaxation therapy. If your trip to Nicaragua was for the purpose of relaxation and not work, you might want to consider spending a significant portion of your ...

  • Attractions


    No visit to a foreign country is complete without a trip to at least one of the country’s many museums. Nicaragua is certainly no exception and the country has several fine museums that are well worth visiting. While some of these Nicaraguan museums may not be as big or as modern as museums found in other parts of the world, they do offer some real gems of information regarding the culture, ...

  • Esteli Region

    La Trinidad

    Located in the Estelí department of Nicaragua, La Trinidad is a medium-sized municipality with a population of roughly 20,500. Currently only about 40% of this population lives in urban areas while the rest prefer to live out in the country on small farms. The city was officially founded in 1967 but it had been steadily growing long before that date. La Trinidad started many, many years ago ...

  • Leon Region


    If you visit the department of Leon in Nicaragua you will likely come across the municipality of Larreynaga. This municipality is the second biggest in the department and is home to more than 31,000 people – a population which continues to grow steadily at a rate of approximately 2.22% each year. The town was founded on 11 August 1944 by Colonel Manuel Ignacio Pereira Quintana. The Colonel ...

  • Sights

    Parque Central

    Granada, with its nostalgic atmosphere and breathtaking architecture, is probably one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua. The history and spectacular sights found here make Granada one of the most visited destinations and one of the most popular attractions in Nicaragua. While walking along the cobble stone streets surrounded by bustling locals, you feel as if you can almost touch the ...


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