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  • Enjoy the Top Attractions of Diriamba

    Located to the west of Jinotepe in the Carazo department of Nicaragua, the town of Diriamba has some of the most colorful folklore and religious festivals in the country, with the most ...

  • Visit the Capital City of Nicaragua’s Chontales Region

    As the capital city of the Chontales region, Juigalpa is the region's commercial center and vital to the economy of Nicaragua. It is located in the Amerrisque Mountain valley on the ...

  • Experience Rural Life at Abundance Farm

    Located on the outskirts of Diriamba in the Carazo department of Nicaragua, Abundance Farm is a family-run small holding and homestead offering guests the opportunity to experience day-to-day ...

  • Manatees – Nicaragua’s Fascinating Aquatic Mammals

    As the largest surviving member of the aquatic mammal order Sirenia, which includes the dugong and the long extinct Steller's sea cow, the West Indian manatee is listed as 'vulnerable' by the ...

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  • Health Spas

    El Club del mar

    There are few who would argue against the health benefits of a relaxing massage or a trip to the gym. Recent years has seen a strong trend towards cultivating better health through regular exercise, a balanced diet and appropriate relaxation therapy. If your trip to Nicaragua was for the purpose of relaxation and not work, you might want to consider spending a significant portion of your ...

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  • Sights

    Cathedral of Leon

    No trip to the city of León would be complete without a visit to the city’s Cathedral. The Cathedral of León is known as being one of the biggest in Central America. The Cathedral features three main levels – the lower, intermediate and superior. Each level represents something different. The lower level features several underground sections that have been used as crypts for many centuries. ...

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  • Culture


    A proverb is a brief saying that is often widely used and usually states a basic truth or embodies a fact that many people have experienced. Because of this a study of Nicaraguan proverbs can provide much insight into Nicaraguans, their perceptions and cultural traditions.

  • Culture


    Nicaragua is an incredibly beautiful country with wonderfully diverse geography. The country covers slightly less area than the state of New York but that does not mean it is small and uninteresting – quite to the contrary! Because there has been relatively little development in the country, you will still be able to enjoy many of the natural wonders that it has to offer. Much of the face of ...

  • Travel


    If everything you’ve read so far has inspired you to travel to this beautiful and diverse country, why not book yourself on a Nicaragua tour? Tours oftentimes help you to see the best a country has to offer with the greatest ease possible. They can be customized according to your desires or, if you book with a large tour group, you might find that the tour will just provide a general ...

  • National parks

    Los Guatuzos Refuge

    The Refugio de Vida Sivestre Los Guatuzos, or Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge, contains the best areas for viewing tropical fauna and flora in Nicaragua. The wildlife refuge protects 43,750 hectares of wetland and tropical wet forests located south of Lake Nicaragua and west of the San Juan River. It is also the only tropical wetland that is internationally recognized in Nicaragua and holds an ...


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