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You've been touring Nicaragua, you've seen a variety attractions, you've engaged in numerous fun-filled activities, but now you just want to relax. Nicaragua can provide. Make your way to one of Nicaragua's health spas. Nicaraguan health spas are designed to meet guest's needs, providing facilities for relaxation and therapy. Certain health spas in Nicaragua are based around geothermal wells or hot mineral springs. Simply ease away the strains of life with a Nicaraguan health spa break.

Located at “Aguas Claras” is an acclaimed thermal spa. Facilities have been created to make this natural thermal spring suitable for tourists. Lie back and relax in the warm soothing waters. The spa has six pools filled with sulfurous thermal spring waters for visitors to enjoy. A variety of other amenities have been made available, including cold water pools, a bar and a restaurant. To reach this fantastic Nicaraguan health spa travel along the Managua-Boaco highway; it is about 69 km from Managua.

Certain health spas in Nicaragua provide further services to leave you feeling completely pampered and rejuvenated. Various forms of massage will break up muscle tension and assist in normalizing body functions. Fitness centers within the health spa provide ample opportunity for essential exercise. And what could be better than having a good work-out and then relaxing in a warm pool?

Nicaraguan health spas that are set in beautiful natural locations also open up wonderful opportunities for day hikes and other outdoor activities. Just imagine going for a walk through stunning verdant forests and then returning to the spa to relax surrounded by the sounds of birds, monkeys and a gentle breeze flowing through the tree leaves. Picture yourself strolling along a glistening beach, followed by a massage to the sound of waves moving to and fro.

Most health spas also offer luxury accommodation, truly rounding off your unique experience. Various packages are offered at the health spas providing for day trips, weekend getaways or longer stays. Spas generally have a restaurant, so you need never venture far from this comfortable haven. For the ultimate in relaxation, rejuvenation and indulgence, book in to one of Nicaragua’s health spas.

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