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Nicaragua is the ideal destination for those who are young-at-heart and seeking adventure. With impressive volcanoes, grand mountains, lush rainforests, sparkling lakes and expansive ocean there is much to offer in the way of adventure travel in Nicaragua. Choose from a smorgasbord of Nicaraguan adventure travel options, from jungle tours and hiking to scuba diving tours and camping. Create never-to-be-forgotten memories with Nicaraguan adventure travel.

A unique Nicaraguan adventure travel idea is to hike one of the active Ometepe volcanoes This is no mean feat, but the rewards are great. Volcán Concepción is particularly popular with those seeking a strenuous challenge. As you climb this daunting volcano you will find the cool winds from the lake refreshing. Upon reaching the edge of the volcanic crater you will be met with hot sulfurous air from deep within the earth. Just imagine the feeling of knowing you are standing on the edge of an active volcano whilst you gaze out at the amazing scenery. Volcán Maderas is more commonly hiked and is a far easier climb. Guides can accompany you along as you make your way along the trail. On the trail you will come to the crater lake and, if you are brave enough, you can dive into its waters.

Explore the waters of Nicaragua by scuba diving from the Corn Islands. On each of the islands you will find a dive shop where you can rent equipment or join a scuba diving tour. Even those who haven’t dived before can join in on this Nicaraguan adventure activity by taking a scuba diving course on the islands. The island’s reefs are home to a magnificent variety of animal life such as eels, sharks, angels, rays and groupers. Excellent diving can also be enjoyed in the Pacific Ocean near San Juan del Sur. Obtain equipment and recruit a guide through a tour operator. Diving in the Caribbean waters can be done year round whilst it is best to go scuba diving in the Pacific from December through April.

Another fantastic Nicaraguan travel adventure is camping on the Zapatera Archipelago. The archipelago consists of Zapatera Volcano as well as eight islets. These islands serve as a national park and their beauty is awe-inspiring. On the islands you can explore untouched forests or stroll along glistening shorelines. The islands are also of great historical interest and are home to a pre-Columbian statuary.

This is just a small taste of the many exciting adventures awaiting you in the diverse and vibrant country of Nicaragua. Many Nicaraguan adventure travel packages are offered by different tour operators so it is wise to shop around for the best deals. Nicaragua is certain to satisfy the desires of all those seeking adventure.

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