San Carlos in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Situated on the shores where Lake Nicaragua meets with the San Juan River, stands a small town called San Carlos. This lovely town of the Rio San Juan Department also has jurisdiction over the Solentiname Islands within its bordering lake. San Carlos in Nicaragua is ideally located to serve as a port and it also served as a fort in the past. Although small, tourists in Nicaragua will not want to miss out on this fantastic town filled with history and interesting people.

Located just behind the central park of San Carlos is the town’s top attraction, the fort. Proudly dominating the skyline of San Carlos, the fort draws many tourists to its intriguing structure. The San Carlos Fort was originally built by the Spanish so as to guard their very important trade route. It later became the site of a prison whilst the country was under the control of the Somoza family. Next it was used as a police station. Today, it houses the fine José Coronel Urtecho Cutural Center. Inside you can find out all about the San Juan River, including details about the plant life, animals, history and more. Also located in this historical structure is the local municipal library. Books in the library cover a variety of topics that appeal both to local residents and to tourists who are visiting. Another section of the old San Carlos Fort is used for hosting events. As the fort stands out above the rest of the city, it affords visitors many stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

Although the fort of San Carlos is a major feature for the town, there are many other attractions in the town. Walking or cycling through the town is amazing and your eyes will be darting from one place to another as you try to take it all in. The new hot spot is the Malecón, were you can also enjoy some delicious fresh fish for lunch. The port is home to a fine market where you can purchase numerous fresh goods. For more details on what is on offer in San Carlos, visit the tourism office at the dock.

As already mentioned, Nicaragua’s San Carlos is relatively small, with some 7,000 people living in the city itself and about 35,000 people residing in the suburbs and nearby. San Carlos is a fine holiday destination, a great place to get acquainted with Nicaragua and a beautiful place to relax.

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