Explore The Pearl Cays Of Nicaragua

Dazzling blue waters, white sandy beaches and lush coastal foliage are all part of the scenery at the Pearl Cays. This stunning group of islands can easily be incorporated into a visit to the town of Pearl Lagoon on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coastline. The trip will not only be breathtaking and relaxing, but cost-effective too!

The Pearl Cays in Nicaragua are a group of eighteen cays which can be found roughly 35 kilometers off the coast of the town of Laguna de Perlas or ‘Pearl Lagoon’. Each of the cays are uninhabited and are covered with lush, green vegetation and lined with white sandy beaches. The waters around the cays are sparkling, blue and warm and teaming with life. What’s more, the islands are quite isolated, making them relatively private for those looking to get away from it all. All this combines to make for a perfect day-trip destination.

Most day-trips to the Pearl Cays are organized with relatively little effort, either through your hotel or with the local fishermen. Visitors will be expected to pay a flat fee for the use of the boat and the gasoline and a small additional fee for lunch and snorkeling equipment. For the tiny bit of money you pay (around $30 per a person if you go in a large group), you really get a lot out of it. The boat trip usually starts early in the morning and the views along the way will ease you into a relaxed, holiday mood. The trip lasts about an hour and then your captain will select one of the many palm-covered islands as your destination for the day. Once onshore, visitors can laze around in the sun, explore the island on foot, read a book or go swimming in the warm Caribbean water. Because the water is so clear, you will be able to enjoy some excellent snorkeling and you can expect to see grunt, snapper, stonefish and nose-fish here. You can even try your hand at spear-fishing and ordinary fishing and take the results of your labor back to the island to be served as lunch!

After lunch you have a few more hours to enjoy before the trip back to mainland Nicaragua. If neighboring islands are close enough, you might find you can swim over to them. Alternatively your captain may be willing to drive all the passengers over to another island. If the season is right for it, you may also get to witness one of nature’s little miracles by spying on the endangered Hawksbill turtle as it makes its way onto the sand to nest. As this is an important nesting site for the turtles, it is imperative that visitors take the utmost caution when exploring the islands so as not to disturb any nests. After a day of fun and relaxation at the Pearl Cays in Nicaragua, it may well be time to board the boat and head home. You may be fortunate enough to be sent-off by a school of dolphins as the boat carries you swiftly home to the comfort of your bed. All in all it is a day well-spent.