Theatres in Nicaragua, Performing Arts, Culture

Most visitors to Nicaragua will look for some form of nighttime entertainment to relax at the end of a busy day. What better form of entertainment is there than that of live theater? Culturally enlightening, lively and enjoyable, live theater is one of the best forms of evening entertainment that a tourist can enjoy while visiting a foreign country. Nicaragua is certainly no exception to the rule and there are a number of fair-sized theaters situated in some of the country’s bigger cities. These Nicaraguan theaters host a variety of shows, so there is no need to think you may get stuck watching a genre that you don’t particularly enjoy.

The most popular theater in Nicaragua is most likely the Rubén Darío National Theater in Managua. This great theater was named after Rubén Darío, a famed Nicaraguan poet. The theater is not dedicated solely to the performing arts but also houses a number of fine visual art masterpieces. While waiting for your performance to begin, you can browse through the various sculptural and paint-on-canvas masterpieces in the exhibition – the perfect way to bide your time before a performance. Performances here can be both theatrical or musical or a combination of both.

The Victor Romeo Theater in Managua is somewhat smaller but it enjoys the most beautiful setting and has plenty to offer in the way of performances. While the building is designed to cater to only about a hundred people, it is air-conditioned to ensure that guests are able to enjoy the performance in comfort. Most of the performances held here are put on by the Association of Contemporary Dance and the building doubles as a School of Dance as well as a performing arts theater.

The Justo Rufino Garay Theater is a little larger. Also situated in Managua, it caters to roughly 150 people and also has air-conditioning for the comfort of its patrons. Visitors to this particular theater should keep in mind that it is an ‘alternative’ theater so shows here are usually a bit different from the norm and leave visitors with a strong message to take home. Clearly there is plenty of theatrical entertainment to enjoy in Nicaragua, so book your tickets now and make sure that you get to enjoy at least one great show during your next trip.

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