Newspapers in Nicaragua, Local News

As Nicaragua has suffered from political unrest in the past and still has so much that is newsworthy happening, the country’s news media are definitely not in short supply. The country not only has several newspapers, but they broadcast the news daily on local TV and put up regular postings on the Internet. Most Nicaraguan newspaper companies run their stories in Spanish but there are a few companies that work in English. A brief list of these Nicaraguan newspaper sources has been placed below for your convenience.

Broadcast News Media

100% Noticias El Canal (Spanish) – National TV
Telenica (Spanish) – National TV
Televicentro (Spanish) National TV
Radio Ya (Spanish) – Managua Radio

Local Newspapers

Bolsa de Noticias (Spanish) – Managua
El Nuevo Diario (Spanish) – Managua, National
La Prensa (Spanish) – Managua, National
Trinchera (Spanish) – Managua

Other Newspapers

Washington Post (English) – Foreign

Internet News Media

Notifax (Spanish) – National
Terra (Spanish) – National
MSN (Spanish) – Foreign
Big News Network (English) – Foreign
EIN News (English) – Foreign
Inside Nicaragua (English) – Foreign
Nicaragua News (English) – Foreign
One World (English) – Foreign
Topix (English) – Foreign

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