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Many visitors to this picturesque country enjoy the many striking mountains which can be found here. A great place to enjoy wildlife, coffee and incredible bird-watching opportunities, Nicaragua’s mountains certainly have a lot to offer. Nicaragua has more than one mountain range – some reaching to an elevation of over 3281 feet above sea level. They are generally covered with oaks, pines, moss, ferns and orchids and sometimes a selection of wild animals too.

The central region also features a large number of cloud forests which further add to the country’s diversity. The many mountains in Nicaragua provide a number of great tourism opportunities to the average visitor.

Nicaragua is generally divided into three geographic regions – the Pacific Lowlands, the Central Region and the Atlantic Lowlands. Each region differs quite a lot geographically. The Atlantic lowlands, for instance, has barely any mountains. It’s most notable peak can be found on the Little Corn Island just off the coast. If you are visiting Nicaragua in search of cloud forests and striking peaks, it is far better to focus on the Central Regions and the Pacific Lowlands. The western half of the country is lined with both active and inactive volcanoes. Whilst many shudder at the thought of living near to a volcano, Nicaraguan’s have discovered that the volcanic ash has helped to make the soil incredibly fertile. Nicaragua also suffers from severe earthquakes from time to time as the earth continues to mould the face of the country.

On the Pacific side of the country, you will find a lowland strip. The strip runs from the Gulf of Fonseca, near the border, and features the Maribios mountain range. This impressive mountain range has some 25 volcanic cones which continually rebuild the skyline. If one were to climb to the peak of these incredibly beautiful mountains, you would find yourself looking out over some of the most beautiful beaches to be found in Central America.

Further inland in the Central Regions, you will find some of the largest and most impressive mountain ranges. The highest range in Nicaragua is to be found here. It is known as the Cordillera Isabella range, and it features peaks which rise to heights of 6890 ft (2100m). This is where you will find those incredibly beautiful cloud forests. It is also one of the best areas to visit coffee plantations or to go bird watching. The majority of hiking trails in the country can be found in this part of Nicaragua.

The mountain ranges of Nicaragua feature incredible biodiversity. Ultimately, this means great wildlife spotting opportunities and more interesting flora. If you love nature, we recommend that you take the opportunity to view this stunning feature of the country. The impressive wealth of flora and fauna will surely not fail to impress you.

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