National Holidays in Nicaragua, Public Holidays

Below you will find a list of all official, public and national holidays in the country of Nicaragua.

New Year’s Day
– 2015-01-01

As is the case in many countries around the world, Nicaragua sees the first day of the year as a reason to celebrate with social gatherings and religious services. The spectacular beaches of Nicaragua are a popular choice for New Year’s Day celebrations and the atmosphere is very festive.

Holy Thursday
– 2015-04-02

Holy Thursday is a Christian religious celebration that takes place on Thursday leading into the Easter weekend. It commemorates the last supper of Jesus Christ with his Apostles before his death.

Good Friday
– 2015-04-03

Good Friday is a Christian religious celebration that takes place each year on the day following Holy Thursday as a commemoration of the death of Jesus Christ.

Liberation Day/FSLN Revolution Day)
– 2015-07-19

This nationwide celebration marks the day in 1979 that the Somoza dictatorship was defeated by the National Liberation Army in the Nicaraguan Revolution.

Battle of San Jacinto
– 2015-09-14

This day is a national holiday commemorating the Battle of San Jacinto which occurred in 1856. This decisive battle against filibuster William Walker and his troops was instrumental in Nicaragua achieving independence.

Independence Day
– 2015-09-15

This annual celebration is in remembrance of Central America’s declaration of Independence in 1821.

Indigenous Resistance Day
– 2015-10-12

This national holiday highlights the battle waged by indigenous peoples against European colonialism. Indigenous Resistance Day replaced the celebration of Columbus Day.

Immaculate Conception
– 2015-12-08

This religious celebration includes prayers and acts of charitable generosity.

Christmas Day
– 2015-12-25

Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, with festivities including the giving of gifts, religious ceremonies and gathering of family and friends.

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