Nicaragua Travel Destinations, Cities

Nicaragua is fast becoming a sought after travel destination. It has so much to offer and so much to experience that visitors who come here often return because they simply do not have the time to see everything they’d like to. Many of Nicaragua’s destinations are natural, and not man made, and many of them are most memorable. If you’re interested in visiting nature parks, volcanoes, beaches and colonial cities, look no further than this stunning and diverse country.

Nicaragua is home to roughly 78 nature reserves, which cover approximately 21,000 square kilometers of the country. Most of the parks are built to cater for tourists and visitors, and feature lodging nearby so that they may have easy access to these wilderness areas without having to camp. These beautiful tributes to the country’s wildlife have become popular Nicaraguan tourist destinations. See our National Parks page to find out more about these reserves.

Of all the Nicaraguan cities, Leon and Granada are perhaps the most popular. These Nicaraguan destinations both feature great colonial architecture. You may well find yourself transported back in time as you walk the streets or take a ride in a horse drawn carriage. This characteristic charm has even caused some foreigners to settle in or around the town. Make sure you spend a few days in at least one of these popular destinations in Nicaragua.

There are also quite a few natural attractions in Nicaragua. Surfing at the various beaches is a popular option and some beaches, such as Montelimar, San Juan del Sur and Playa el Coco have become very popular tourist destinations in Nicaragua.