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Fewer cities in Nicaragua are as interesting to tour, from a historical point of view, than Granada. This well-preserved city is generally viewed as being the oldest in Central America and when you visit, you’ll understand that it is a reputation that is well deserved. The city itself is located at the foot of the striking Mombacho Volcano with its beautiful lake and the two make for a striking background for the city’s colonial architecture. Much of the city’s architectural heritage has been well preserved by Granada’s Castilian traditions. Of course it also helps that the city was not as actively involved in conflict as some of Nicaragua’s other historical cities. A city such as Granada has plenty of interesting historical attractions on offer, but there are a notable few that should top your list of things-to-see, namely the Church of Jalteva and the Church of La Merced.

Granada was built by the Spaniards as early as 1524 on the banks of Lake Nicaragua. The town itself bears town-planning typical of this time period – from the Plaza Principal to the fortress-church of San Fransicso. Both of these are also notable tourist attractions. The Church of Jalteva was likely also built around this time and its striking architecture is certainly worth a look. Generally speaking not much is often said about this historical religious building. This is probably most fitting since it is only by visiting it that you can understand its true worth. The Church of Jalteva is surrounded by other architectural masterpieces and you can easily combine your travel plans to the Church of Jalteva with visits to other attractions such as the somewhat newer neo-classical Granada Cathedral, the Church of La Merced and the fortress-church of San Francisco.

A trip to this beautiful and historical city is a must for any visitor to the country. It is interesting to learn about the many different facets of European culture that influenced the people of Nicaragua so strongly in those early years. Named for its Spanish counterpart, it is clear to see that Spain took great interest in the development of this ‘new country’. So visit the Church of Jalteva in Granada and learn even more about this great Nicaraguan city.

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