Herty Lewites was a well known politician in Nicaragua, during the Sandinista rule. He was elected as Minister of Tourism, putting him charge of projects to develop Nicaragua. The Montelimar Beach Resort and the Olof Palme Convention Centre were just two of his projects. After his retirement from government, Lewites took on a project that is still enjoyed by locals and visitors to Nicaragua, namely Hertylandia. Today the park has become a venue for families to enjoy a day of laughter and fun, and forget about their everyday lives.

Hertylandia is located between San Marcos and Diriamba, and was once a working coffee plantation and farm. The land has retained its beauty and lush vegetation, but a few thrilling attractions and activities have been scattered throughout this amusement park. The combination of wildlife, nature and fun filled attractions, makes Hertylandia the perfect destination for visitors and their families.

The Ghost House is a favorite attraction in Hertylandia, complete with surprises around every corner and scary ghosts trying to touch you. If visiting restless souls is too much excitement for you, the jungle theme park hiking trail is entertaining for adults and children. The waterslides and shallow pools give parents piece of mind while their children frolic in the water, and the zoo and artificial lagoons add an extra touch of nature to the amusement park and allows visitors to take small motorized boats on a little cruise. The racetrack guarantees hours of excitement and the playground will keep younger visitors occupied. For the hungry park visitors, the restaurant offers chilled refreshments and a tasty menu.

Visitors will find the park to be a little quiet at times, but the wonderful hiking and relaxing activities that the park has to offer, allows visitors to enjoy a great day with their families. Hertylandia is an amusement park with many thrilling attractions and a variety of adventurous activities, creating a very unique park within Nicaragua. When visiting, visitors are recommended to pop past this wonderful park, which is the only one of its kind to be found in the country and one of the best projects Lewites could have undertaken.