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No visit to a foreign country is complete without a trip to at least one of the country’s many museums. Nicaragua is certainly no exception and the country has several fine museums that are well worth visiting. While some of these Nicaraguan museums may not be as big or as modern as museums found in other parts of the world, they do offer some real gems of information regarding the culture, people and history of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a fascinating country that has enjoyed periods of peace as well as endured periods of turbulence. The various facets of its history are largely responsible for the culture and lifestyle of the people that is present today, and so visiting these museums is a great way to gain understanding and insight into the many customs that you will likely experience during your travels.

Some of the museums in Nicaragua cover a broad spectrum of topics while others are more specifically focused on famous persons who have influenced the country’s history and people to a greater or lesser degree. The National Museum of Nicaragua is dedicated to the general history of the people and it features a variety of interesting art and artifacts from different time periods during the country’s history. When you visit you will benefit from the services of a tour guide who will be able to provide you with interesting insight into the various exhibits. If you are more interested in art, however, you might want to visit the Centro de Art which is dedicated solely to this subject. The Acahualinca Footprints Museum, on the other hand, is more like a park than a museum. This massive archeological sight near the city of Managua allows you to examine the footprints of people who once lived in the area an estimated 6000 years ago. The many different footprints provide stirring insight into the lives of those who lived so many years ago.

Other museums, such as the Julio Cortazar Museum, the Ruben Dario Archive-Museum, the Museum of the Revolution and the Sandino Museum, will also fascinate you and educate you as you dive into the history of Nicaragua. Why not make a point of visiting at least some of the most interesting museums that can be found in this country the next time you visit? You might well be surprised by what you find.

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