Mombacho Canopy Tours, Tourist Activities

The Mombacho Canopy Tour provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to try their hands at something new and to view the Mombacho Volcano from new heights. Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in the tour and there are no age restrictions. Everyone is given a zip line that is attached to their harness, so no matter what happens you will be safe.

There are many tour operators that will provide you with superb package that lasts for the whole day (approximately eight hours). The actual tour of the canopy lasts for about an hour and a half, but you will also be taken around the reserve, given the coffee-farm tour, a horse ride and a bird watching hike. All this provides visitors with the full Nicaraguan experience.

If that sort of thing is not your style and you only want to do the canopy tour, you can also arrange your own tour. Before you start the actual tour the guides that have been assigned to your group will show you what to do with the zip line and also explain other more exciting options, such as the “Superman” and the “upside down” which are two options you can try if you feel you can handle it.

The road you will need to take for the canopy tour goes through the El Progreso coffee mill where the whole 1,500-meter course has been set up. The course is made up of a total of fifteen platforms and one twenty-five meter long rope bridge that hangs shakily in mid-air making for a wonderful adventure. The canopy platforms are attached to the large trees that grow on the reserve and from there you can get a wonderful view of the surrounding areas as well as the Mombacho Volcano and Lake Cocibolca.

Visitors should also take the time to look at the treetops and at the branches above them – it is often surprising to see the incredible array of delicate orchids and ferns that grow so high up there. At the end of the tour your guide will radio for transport so that you can be collected and taken the twenty-three kilometers to the Cuttire Farm and the Biological Center.

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