Sights in Nicaragua, Tourist Attractions and Destinations

Nicaragua is a country with a rich cultural heritage and fascinating history. The sights in Nicaragua tend more towards natural attractions than that of ancient buildings as many historical sights have been destroyed by earthquakes and military conflicts. However, amazing sights in Nicaragua are not in short supply; there is plenty to keep tourist eyes busy. We provide you with a glimpse into Nicaragua's sights and attractions.

Nicaragua’s cities themselves are often viewed as being an attraction or sight. The historical city of Granada, for example, has fascinating architecture that will take you back in time. When visiting Granada, make a stop at the Plaza Principal where you will find the Church of San Francisco that also served as a fortress. Inside is a fascinating museum. Nearby you can see the Church of La Merced and the Church of Jalteva. Stroll through the lovely Parque Central and view the impressive government buildings. Another beautiful sight in Granada is the nearby Las Isletas, made up of some 356 little islands. On the island of San Pablo you can explore a fortress dating back to the 18th century. A not-to-be-missed sight, the Volcano Mombacho reaches some 1400m in height. Not only is it magnificent sight to see, but it also offers the opportunity to enjoy a hike, canopy tour or simply immerse yourself in the fantastic views. Definitely include Volcano Masaya National Park on your itinerary. Not only can you have the unique experience of visiting a volcano, but you can also learn much at the museum. If you pay a visit to the market you can get some really good deals on a variety of items.

There are many interesting sights in Nicaragua’s main city of Managua. The old city center itself contains remnants of colonial architecture as well as a few monuments. Here you will find the Casa Presidencial or National Palace, the Nicaraguan president’s office. The National Palace is truly a magnificent Nicaraguan sight. It was constructed in 1935 under the orders of President Juan Bautista Sacasa. Within the walls of the National Palace you will discover the National Library, National Archive and the National Museum. Aside from admiring this impressive building you can view paintings, ceramics and statuettes at the museum. Visit the National museum on Mondays to Fridays from 8:00am to 5:00pm or on the weekend from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Also located in Managua is the Rubén Darío National Theater, established in 1969. Many entertaining shows and concerts are held in the various rooms of this massive structure. Within the Crystal Room you can observe the stunning crystal chandeliers donated to Nicaragua by the Spanish government. The theater is a must for all sightseers.

Nicaragua is also home to an abundance of natural sights. Within the bounds of Managua there are four lagoons where tourists can admire the stunning surroundings whilst engaging in numerous fun-filled activities. Scattered throughout Nicaragua are active and inactive volcanoes as well as large mountains. There are also several national parks in this gorgeous country. Isla Zapatera is a lovely national park that is also of great archaeological significance. Here you can see large stone statues carved by Indians as well as ancient tombs and structures. For more information on natural sights in Nicaragua click on’s volcanoes, “mountain ranges”, beaches, “wildlife” and “geography”.

These are just a few of the wonderful sights and attractions in Nicaragua. You are certain to have a wonderful time discovering all the sights of Nicaragua, whether on your own or as part of a tour group.

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