Kayaking and Boating in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

When you visit the beautiful tropical country of Nicaragua, keep in mind the different forms of transport that you can make use of to explore this exciting country and all it has to offer. With all the rivers, seas and lakes that exist both in and around this lush country, kayaking and boating are popular forms of transport in Nicaragua. There are many tours available and many of Nicaragua's nature reserves offer this form of transport as a way of viewing the area from a different perspective.

One of the trips that you can make via either boat or kayak is just off the coast of Las Peñitas. From this pretty little town you can easily paddle out to Juan Venado Island. The natural beauty here is unbelievable and you can find a large variety of colorful and exotic birds in the mangrove forests on the island. The best way to see the lush forests and the many animals that inhabit this area is to take a boat or kayak through the forest waterways. In this way you will also get the chance to see crocodiles and crabs. What is also great about using a boat in this instance is that it affords you the luxury of stopping and exploring the thin strip of island at your leisure. As you walk around, you will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and take quiet walks on the beach. If you are visiting between August and December, you should definitely keep an eye out for the Olive Ridley Turtles that come here to lay their eggs during this time period.

If you are not keen to go on a tour in this particular area you can go to Las Peñitas and any of the other towns along the coast and organize a boat ride in one of the local fishermen’s boat. Otherwise most of the local hotels offer boat tours and kayak rental. If they don’t offer these services they will usually be able to provide the phone numbers of tour operators that specifically provide boat and kayaking tours.

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