Ocotal in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Located in the northwest of Nicaragua is Ocotal; a lovely city surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Ocotal falls under the Nueva Segovia department of Nicaragua and is a fantastic destination for tourists. Situated near the Coco River and Cordillera Mountain Range, it boasts outstanding scenery. So break away from the hustle and bustle of Nicaragua's larger cities and relax in Ocotal of Nueva Segovia.

Surrounded by forested mountains, Ocotal stands near the border of Honduras. Agriculture plays a very important role in the community. Cattle ranching, coffee growing and timber felling are all very important for the local economy. However, there has been a shift in the economy in recent years, with more commercial businesses and factories being established.

The history of Nicaragua’s Nueva Segovia began in 1534 when the Spanish established a settlement some 25km from the location of Ocotal. This city was moved to what is now known as Ciudad Antigua where it served as an important center for the timber industry. After attacks by Caribbean pirates, Ciudad Antigua was abandoned and its inhabitants moved to what is now Ocotal sometime in 1654. Today Ocotal is home to almost 30 000 individuals. In the city you will come across a hospital, health centers, a police station, a post office, churches, a catholic cathedral and an arena for boxing and basketball.

Visitors to Ocotal have a number of entertainment opportunities available to them. One of the most popular activities in Ocotal is bicycle riding. The city’s roads are quite good and the views are spectacular. You can cycle past verdant coffee plantations and pine forests or ride beside the lovely waters of Rio Dipilto. Indeed, you will find a bicycle ride or two around Ocotal very rewarding. After a day filled with fun activities and adventure you are certain to build up and appetite. Restaurants are somewhat out of the way, but do offer delicious meals. If you are interested in a night on the town, there are two clubs and a bar in Ocotal that offer dancing. Tourists are encouraged to come to Ocotal in August when the town is abuzz with festival fever. Independence Day, New Years and Semana Santa are also marked by massive celebrations. For a truly relaxing yet entertaining time in Nicaragua, visit Ocotal.

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