Book Hotels in Nicaragua, Accommodation Options

Whether you are looking for accommodation in Nicaragua along a sparkling beach front, amidst the bustle of a city or quietly nestled within pine forests, is here to help you find that ideal vacation accomodation.

From budget hotel options to the ultimate in luxury hotels, Nicaragua has it all. Nicaragua’s most impressive hotel infrastructures are found in the cities of León, Granada and Montelimar. Beachfront hotels in Nicaragua provide unlimited beach access. Bronze yourself in the sun whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail from the hotel. After a day of fun in the sun the hotel is just a walk away, so you can clean up and head out for a night on the town. Hotels in Nicaragua’s cities are a great way to immerse yourself in the cultural and historical atmosphere. Perhaps you’ve decided to lodge in one of the inland hotels of Nicaragua. These hotels provide easy access to stunning walking trails and other fascinating attractions.

Nicaragua’s hotels vary in price from below US$ 50 to over US$ 100. Each offers a unique experience. The majority of Nicaragua’s hotels are known for their hospitality and willing service. Facilities in hotels vary and include fitness centers, conference rooms, swimming pools, tennis courts, sports facilities, a variety of communication devices, restaurants, bars, laundry services, valet services, car rental and much more.

There are many accommodation options over and above Nicaragua’s hotels. These include charming bed and breakfasts, guest houses, jungle lodges, self-catering apartments and so on. Many of these options provide you with a greater opportunity to get to know Nicaraguans and truly experience their hospitality. Several places have connections with tour operators, car rental companies etc. and will be able to organize various activities for you. Nicaragua also provides great camping sites for the more adventurous types. Younger individuals will appreciate the brilliant youth hostels that dot Nicaragua. These are all usually less expensive options; especially if you are planning on bringing the entire family along.

During the tours of Nicaragua you will stop at several of the country’s fine hotels. Enjoy each of the hotels’ unique atmosphere and outstanding facilities. You are certain to have a wonderful time at each of Nicaragua’s hotels.

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