Nicaragua’s Corinto, Travel Destinations

Corinto is a very small coastal town that is located on the northwest of Nicaragua. Even though Corinto only has a population of approximately 20 000 and the town itself is very poor, it is also home to one of the biggest harbor ports. If you are looking for a forgotten town where life passes by slowly and where there is not a hint of city life, then Puerto Corinto is the perfect destination in Nicaragua. There are a few ministries and church assemblies that are currently working within Corinto to assist families that are victims of unemployment and to try to provide relief where they are able. Corinto is a fairly safe destination in Nicaragua, but visitors are urged to remain vigilant and not to wander into areas they are unsure of. The town’s name originates from Corinth, a city in Greece, and what Corinto lacks in riches it makes up for in nostalgia and tranquility.

Puerto Corinto is home to a few religious festivals and cultural events during the year; however most visitors are attracted to its virtually untouched beaches and idyllic tropical surroundings. Apart from a few local boys who use the beach for a game of soccer, the beautiful stretches of sand and ocean are yours to enjoy. If you would like to take a quick splash in the waves, visitors must be aware that the currents are very strong here and extra precaution should be taken. Another shore that deserves exploration is the completely deserted and breathtaking Isla El Cardon. Locals will be able to take you to this remote little island by boat at a reasonable rate. Here you will definitely be able to enjoy the peaceful island breeze and soak up the warm sun without worrying about overcrowded beaches. The more adventurous visitors can safely investigate the rest of the island as it is not inhabited at all.

The port and the railway service that is situated in Corinto are extremely important to the import and export industry of South America. A wide variety of items and cargo pass through the port and container terminal every year. This includes vehicles, liquid cargo and coffee. Coffee might seem like a
normal drink, but locals prefer purchasing raw coffee beans as opposed to
getting a tin off the shelf. The quality of the coffee is of the highest
standard and locals brew their own coffee as strong or as weak as they want it. You will definitely be able to enjoy one of the finest cups of coffee you have ever sampled in Corinto.

The streets of Corinto are lined with quaint little shops and lovely church buildings. You will also be able to access most of the destinations in Nicaragua from Corinto. After an exciting day of exploration you can return to the tranquility of this picturesque coastal town.

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