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Situated on the southern shore of Lake Managua, the city of Managua serves as the capital of Nicaragua. It is by far the country's largest city, with a population that is larger than one million inhabitants and an ever expanding residential and commercial area. Managua is the center of transportation, commerce, finance and manufacturing in the country and also serves as a major cultural and educational city.

Tragically, Managua was badly damaged in 1931 and 1972 by earthquakes which eventually caused such extensive damage that much of the central area of the city has never been rebuilt. Old, dilapidated buildings stand as a haunting reminder of the time when the earth’s crusts shifted beneath and caused enormous destruction. While some of the area has been turned into parks, most of the old buildings are original and make for interesting sight seeing – though you may not always be able to go inside for safety reasons.

Due to the city’s earthquake history, it does not have a proper city center. The area originally serving in this capacity has been left vacant. Most of the subsequent growth and rebuilding are on the edges of this center outwards. However, some original buildings that survived the quake are still in use – namely the National Palace, the Fine Arts Palace and the Government House. If you have time, it can be quite an enjoyable experience to catch a theatrical performance at the Fine Arts Palace.

Not far out of town, you will find La Loma – a small hill near the lakeshore that harbors a pleasant and refreshing volcanic lagoon. You will also be able to find a theatre, a statue of writer, poet Rubén Darío and the Olaf Palme International Conference Center. Managua is a pretty city with a hot climate and friendly people. When you are done shopping, you might take a look at the footprints of people and animals that have been immortalized in volcanic rock as they fled from the eruption around 4000 BC. The Footprints of Acahualinca are on the north edge of the city of Managua and make for interesting sightseeing.

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