Jinotepe in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

The city of Jinotepe can be found on the south pacific side of the country in the Diriamba highlands which is on the south west of Nicaragua. It borders Managua, Granada, Rivas and Masaya. Nicaragua is one of the second poorest countries found in the Western Hemisphere, but still has a lot to offer with its beautiful cloud forests and volcanoes. Jinotepe is 569 meters (1,867 feet) above sea level and is known primarily for its production of coffee, sugarcane and sesame seed.

Many people go visit the capital and other major cities in Nicaragua, but few take time to visit Jinotepe. This is a city that will really give you a taste of the true culture and authentic lifestyle of the native Nicaraguan people. If prefer to skip all the tourist spots and try to experience the real heart of a country, then this friendly city is the first place you should have on your list of places to visit.

One of the hotels you can look out for if you need accommodation in Jinotepe is the Hotel Casa Mateo. Otherwise you can stay at the La Casa Linda – one of the first hostels to have been opened up in Jinotepe. Once you have walked around looking at all the shops and sights, you can treat yourself by stopping off for freshly cooked tortillas – a dreamy delight that you can wash down with a cup of their local coffee at the Chocoyetos Park Coffee Shop. Keep an eye on the narrow dirt streets in Jinotepe, as they are very poorly maintained and have many potholes – some of which can be very big.

By 1883 Jinotepe had grown to the point where it could be given city status and today it is a major center for commercialism and manufacturing. Jinotepe city has seen its fair share of warfare too. In 1979 it became the place where Sandinista guerrillas and government troops battled it out.

There are many activities to keep you entertained, so if you are staying in any of the cities nearby just take a bus and stay in Jinotepe for a couple of days. You will find that many of the shops here sell beautiful ceramic artworks which have become quite a popular memento amongst tourists. There are also two other towns you can go visit nearby: Katarina and San Juan de Oriente. Each is filled with its own sights and entertainment and make for a great day trip from Jinotepe.

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