Chinandega in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Far up on the most north-western part of Nicaragua you will find the very attractive department of Chinandega. Peppered with interesting attractions and beautiful sights, you can be sure that Chinandega will prove to be a most delightful holiday destination with no shortage of things to see and do. Perhaps this is why it is fast becoming one of Nicaragua's most popular tourist destinations.

What is it about Chinandega that makes it so popular? Perhaps it’s the beautiful forests and beaches. It could also be the magnificent volcanoes. Or it could even be the fact that Chinandega is one of the main producers of the high quality Flor de Caña rum. It could even be the sites of historical interest that are just waiting to be explored further. Whatever it is, it drives thousands of visitors to this small part of the world every year and both locals and foreigners enjoy their time here.

The beaches of Jiquilillo and Corinto, as well as the inlet of Paso Caballo, are generally the most popular attractions in Chinandega. Every year people flock to them to enjoy the fine sand and sun as well as the beautiful waters of the ocean. Some venture a bit further inland to the four volcanoes that can be found here. The dormant Cosiqüina Volcano has been declared a Natural Reserve and is located in the northern part of the department. The volcano has well forested slopes – both inside and outside the crater – and a lagoon in the crater. From its towering height of 859m above sea level, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Gulf of Fonseca and, if the weather is good, you can also see both Honduras and El Salvador – now that is a sight worth seeing! Southwards you will find El Chonco, El Apante and San Cristóbal, which is the biggest active volcano in the country. There is also the Natural Reserve Padre Ramos, which is great learning more about watery ecosystems since there are plenty of these to be found in its creeks and mangrove swamps.

If you enjoy a little history while on vacation, the city of El Realejo will prove fascinating. The city is quite old and was used as an important sea port during colonial times – even seeing the likes of several English pirates in times gone by. However, if that sort of thing bores you, you can be sure that activities such as hiking volcanoes and wetlands or taking a boat ride off the Gulf of Fonseca will prove more entertaining. Chinandega has a wealth of activities and attractions just waiting to be discovered.

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