La Paz Centro in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

La Paz Centro is a little town in the district of Leon that is slowly growing into a charming tourist attraction. It may not be the biggest or most exciting place in Nicaragua, but it certainly does have an interesting variety of activities to enjoy. The town is located in a hot and dry part of the country and serves as a home to roughly 10 000 people. Certain parts of the city are actually very attractive and many visitors find that La Paz Centro is a great little place to get away to if you are looking for somewhere quiet and out of the way where you will not draw too much attention to yourself.

There are three things that make La Paz Centro special. The first is the municipality’s rather unique layout with several small villages called ‘comarcas’ making up the ‘town’. The second is the fact that the area is known for its pottery and other commercial trades which can be observed by interested visitors. The third is the municipality’s proximity to stunning natural areas that further serve to enhance the town’s appeal. As you walk the city streets, you will notice beautiful colonial architecture which yet another highlight of the town. The walkways, paths and roads are well maintained and almost always look attractive. Much of the place has a very ‘Spanish colonial’ feel that may make you feel as though you have stepped back in time somewhat. This compliments the town’s reputation for great pottery perfectly and you may well find several ceramic masters as you make your way around La Paz Centro. Another aspect of this great little place is that it regularly holds a number of colorful celebrations and tourists are quite welcome to watch or even get involved.

In more recent years the town’s administration has been trying to tap into the tourist potential of the nearby wilderness areas. The Asososca lagoon is one of the few water reserves in Nicaragua that remains uncontaminated. The lagoon is situated at the foot of a volcano and is sometimes called the ‘Hole in the hill’. The volcano itself – which has not erupted for roughly five thousand years – offers stunning panoramic views of the area and many people enjoy making use of both the lagoon and the stunning natural settings that can be found here. The mayor is attempting to pave the way to the lagoon to make it more accessible to tourists who will no doubt want to make use of the lagoon’s legendary healing properties.

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