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Nicaragua is a country of tremendous biodiversity - mostly due to its excellent geographic position. Within the boundaries of the country, you will find Central America's biggest rain forests, the dry Pacific Coast and the wet Atlantic areas as well as mountains and volcanoes. This great range of geological features provides an abundance of different habitats in a relatively compact area. From rain forest and dry tropical forests to savanna-type plains and aquatic habitats, Nicaragua attracts a variety of wildlife. Without a doubt, Nicaragua's biome diversity is perfect for Ecotourism.

Ecotourism in Nicaragua continues to grow as tourists become more comfortable with visiting the country – especially after its turbulent history. It will also improve along with the country’s tourist infrastructure. The up-side is that Nicaragua’s natural areas remain fairly untouched and are thus ideal for ecotourism in Nicaragua. Interestingly, new species are still being discovered in pristine areas. Those planning an ecotour in Nicaragua must realize, however, that it can be difficult to spot the fauna, particularly in the forested areas. Travel to these out-of-the-way areas can be tiring and facilities are somewhat primitive in certain locations. Fortunately the situation does continue to improve.

An ecotour in Nicaragua is well worth it. Not only will you experience nature in its raw beauty, but you may also come across some very unusual animal species, such as tapirs and the northern quetzal. As tourist volume tends to be low and you are unlikely to meet up with other tourist groups as you make your journey through the country. This often helps to make your stay here just that much more special and intimate.

Ecotours in Nicaragua will take you to a variety of stunning natural areas. Packages covering different time periods and price ranges are offered by the various members of Nicaragua’s ecotourism industry. Places you are likely to visit include the Los Guatuzos Wildlife Refuge, the Solentiname Archipelago, Montibelli Wildlife Reserve, El Chocoyero Nature Reserve, Masaya Volcano National Park and the Indo-Maíz Biological Reserve, depending on the ecotour package you select. Longer tours will take you to a variety of biome zones where you can observe a variety of bird, monkey and other animal species. Other ecotours in Nicaragua may also include stops at historical sites and places of cultural importance, providing an authentic Nicaraguan experience.

If you are a nature-lover and would like to experience the unique beauty, diversity and magnificence of the country, then ecotourism in Nicaragua is for you.

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