Cigar Factory Tours

It’s not unusual to see the heroes of an action movie light up a cigar after successfully accomplishing whatever task it was that they set out to do. Cigars have long been a symbol of personal accomplishment – a symbol of relaxation and luxury. Yet very few of us know anything more about cigars. Considering that the making of these items creates jobs for thousands of people in Nicaragua, a visit to a cigar factory may well interest you!

Estelí is the place to go if you’re looking to learn more about cigars. There are plenty of cigar plantations and factories in this area. Nicaraguan cigars from Estelí are regarded as being of a very high standard and the local people are rightfully proud of this export. In fact, the country frequently exports their best quality cigars to the U.S. and Europe. But what exactly is a cigar? It is a tightly rolled bundle of tobacco which has been dried and fermented. When lit on one end, the smoke produced can be inhaled by the smoker. Nicaragua is one of the world’s significant cigar and cigar tobacco suppliers.

Touring a cigar factory (or two) can be a rather enlightening experience. Estelí Cigarros, one of the more noteworthy cigar factories, is a great place to start. The factory is situated just a short, ten-minute drive away from Estelí and features not only the factory building where the cigars are made, but the fields where the tobacco is harvested for them. Upon arriving, you will be able to ask for a free tour from any of the locals and they will show you around. You will discover how the tobacco plants are grown and harvested, and then see how everything is put together. Harvesting is best explored during the harvest season. Both men and woman are involved in the selecting, cutting, rolling, ordering and packing process involved in making cigars and Estelí Cigarros makes thin, thick, mild, strong, dark and light Cuban-quality cigars.

Cigar smokers will get the added pleasure of being able to make a few purchases. Even if you are not a smoker but you know someone back home who likes to light up a cigar every so often, the hand-made cigars at Estelí Cigarros make very nice gifts. Your purchases also go a long way to supporting the local industry.