Scuba Diving in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

Nicaragua might not make the top of the list of places to dive, but it should certainly be in the top ten since this little treasure has so much to offer. While the scuba diving industry is still being developed in this country, a number of enterprising individuals have taken the liberty of establishing scuba diving companies that will be able to provide you with the necessary equipment and instruction needed to dive successfully at various locations around the country. The waters are mainly used by fishermen and a few swimmers who usually stay in swimming spots, so when you dive you can be confident that the beauty of the ocean is yours to admire at your leisure.

There are four main areas around Nicaragua that make for choice diving spots. Visitors can get their feet wet at Managua, which is a great place to start and to get a feel for these waters. San Juan del Sur is another great place to get used to the waters around Nicaragua and to learn about the creatures that live along this country’s stunning coastline. However, if you really want a breathtaking underwater experience, you can do little better than head for Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Each spot offers unparalleled underwater opportunities and you can swim with dolphins or simply sigh in wonder and the amazing sea life that can be found here. Little Corn Island is still relatively unspoilt by tourism and development and, as you can imagine, the Caribbean waters that surround the island are beautifully blue and full of fish. The area is English speaking so most visitors find their way around quite easily. What’s more, there are no jet skis or other modern, noisy paraphernalia in the area, so the tranquil waters around the island are perfect for scuba diving!

Never dived before but dying to give it a try? No problem! A PADI scuba diving shop has just been opened on Little Corn Island. The shop can help you to earn your open water certification and assist you to dive the beautiful reefs around the island all within a short space of time. With some experience you may even be able to explore the caves and caverns in the area. The waters are teaming with life and you will find sharks, dolphins, tropical fish, corals and sponges just waiting to be discovered by you. So come scuba diving in Nicaragua and discover this country’s abundant marine life for yourself.

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