The landscape of the Chinandega department is almost as diverse as its various municipalities, which each have their own features and unique attractions. Peanuts, sugar cane, salt, shrimps and rum are major contributors to the agricultural industry of the Chinandega department and the region has an estimated population of approximately four hundred and forty thousand residents. Some, especially those in the coastal towns, have seized the opportunity of the tourism industry, to carve a living from travelers.

The almost five thousand square kilometer department has thirteen municipalities, which is made up of Posoltega, Cinco Pinos, Chichigalpa, Puerto Morazan, Santo Tomas del Norte, El Realejo, Villa Nueva, San Pedro del Norte, El Viejo, Somotillo, Corinto, Chinandega (capital city of the Chinandega department) and San Francisco del Norte. Landscapes across the municipalities vary from spectacular volcanoes, peaceful beaches, mangrove forests, estuaries and lush agricultural fields; to historic towns, breathtaking landmarks and wonderful natural attractions.

El Realejo and Corinto are known as the two most historic towns in the Chinandega Department and in Corinto, visitors will be able to attend the highly anticipated Gastronomic Fair with is a festival that is hosted annually in the month of April. Other attractions to explore includes the San Cristobal volcano, the amazing bird life in the wetlands, the cliffs of Mechapa beach and the Islotes de Cosiguina which offers relaxing boat tours. The Chinandega Department also has numerous talented locals living in the region, displaying their goods and providing visitors with the opportunity to purchase one of their unique creations as a souvenir.

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