Airport Guide, Nicaragua Airports

Welcome to's Airport Guide. By means of this guide we will provide you with some basic information regarding the airports in Nicaragua and more detailed information on the International Airport in Managua. Nicaragua has one international airport and approximately 180 other types of airports and airfields, 11 of which are paved. Knowing this can greatly assist you in trying to decide which airports to use - especially if you are going to be flying privately. Below is a list of important airports in Nicaragua:

  • Managua International Airport (IATA: MGA; ICAO: MNMG)
  • Puerto Cabezas (IATA: PUZ; ICAO: MNPC)
  • Bluefields (IATA: BEF; ICAO: MNBL)
  • Bonanza San Pedro (BZA)
  • Nueva Guinea (NVG)
  • Waspam (WSP)
  • Corn Island (RNI)
  • Siuna (SIU)
  • Los Brasiles(ICAO: MNBR)

You will note that Nicaragua’s airports, as with all airports, have an IATA and/or ICAO code. What are these? IATA stands for International Air Transport Association. This association provides airports with a three-letter identifier that is used internationally to identify the airport. ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Organization. This organization allocates four-letter airport location indicators to airports around the world.

Managua International Airport, managed by EAAI, is considered one of the best airports in Central America. This airport, located just 11 km from the city of Managua, has a runway that measures 7 999 ft (about 2438 m) in length and is at an elevation of 194 ft (about 59 m). Managua International Airport’s runway is capable of handling Boeing 767s, 757s, 737s, 727s, 707s and DC-10s. Safety is taken very seriously at Managua airport and many security measures have been put in place. Plus-minus 350 individuals are employed at the airport, all contributing towards a clean, friendly, helpful and safe airport environment. Facilities within Managua International Airport include a tourist information desk, bank, restaurants, bars, post office, souvenir shops, duty free shop, lounges and more. If you would like to make use of the VIP lounge there are five rate options: Normal, Corporate, Affiliated Credit Cards, Minors and Infants. Prices and services vary according to the option you select. The types of services you can enjoy in the VIP lounge include checking baggage and documents with customs, immigration and the airline; a bar service; snacks etc.

Departure tax from the International Airport is included in the cost of the ticket. Those passengers who are only stopping over at the airport for less than 8 hours or are under the age of 2 years are exempt from this charge. Passengers who arrive at Nicaragua’s International Airport have to pay tax to the INTUR (Nicaraguan Tourism Institute) to the amount of US$ 5,00. Citizens from the CA-4 countries do not have to pay this. The CA-4 countries are Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Tax costs are subject to changes. Transport to and from the airport includes car hire, taxis and shuttles.

When arriving in Nicaragua, why not take full advantage of the tourist information desk where you will be provided with an abundance of useful information. Enjoy your vacation in the beautiful country of Nicaragua!

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