Mountain Biking in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

Mountain biking in Nicaragua is a fairly new activity and it is through the efforts of people like Gedeon Typifies that interest in the sport has grown. These individuals have taken the necessary steps to make mountain biking one of many activities in Nicaragua that visitors can enjoy. To make this activity a lure for tourists, Gedeon Typifies has established a mountain biking touring company that has all the adventure, excitement and enjoyment of mountain biking rolled into one package. To ensure that he was on the right track, he invited thirty riders from France to participate in the very first eight-day tour of Nicaragua which he called the La Ruta des Volcans. Riders were put to the test by riding through single-track terrains and narrow roads before being challenged with the looming bulk of volcanoes. It proved to be a tremendous success and today mounting biking in Nicaragua is as popular as any other activity that is available.

As with many activities in Nicaragua, the most popular place to enjoy mountain biking is on Ometepe Island. This is the biggest island in Lake Nicaragua and, with its varied landscape, beautiful forests and extraordinary volcanoes, mountain biking enthusiasts flock here to enjoy the island and wildlife. It is the perfect place for them to challenge their abilities while enjoying a tropical adventure.

Riding down the slopes of the Cerro Negro Volcano is an exhilarating
experience that even Eric Barone could not resist. Trying to break his
previous mountain biking world speed record, Barone took on Cerro Negro on 4
November 2001. In doing so he made the place somewhat famous, so it is not unusual for many mountain bikers to want to experience the sights, sounds and terrain of Ometepe Island.

Inexperienced riders can also enjoy exploring Nicaragua and the islands at their leisure as not all routes are challenging. Many destinations in Nicaragua offer mountain biking as a way to get about and explore the countryside. They may also have tour guides who will assist you along the way. Whether you just want to enjoy a short trip to the beach to find the perfect picnic spot or you are looking forward to a tranquil ride through the forest where you can enjoy nature, mountain biking is a very popular way to get around in Nicaragua. It is also an activity that the entire family can participate in and enjoy!

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