Trekking in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

To many outdoor enthusiasts, trekking – or hiking – is one of the best ways to get out and see the wonders of a country. As a country of superb natural beauty, Nicaragua offers many great Trekking opportunities. Trekking in Nicaragua has the added advantage of combining excellent views with extreme locations. One of the top Nicaragua Trekking expeditions available is that of organized volcano treks. If you have the opportunity to attempt one of these treks, we are sure you’ll agree that it is the experience of a lifetime!

One of Nicaragua’s main geographical features is the volcanic strip that runs along the Pacific Coast. Nicaragua has over 50 volcanoes which may be extinct, dormant or active. It is a fact that Nicaragua can attribute much of its luxuriant natural growth and fertile soil to the numerous volcanic eruptions that have occurred here over millenniums. Many cones also stretch up high into the sky and enjoy a high percentage of cloud coverage – a factor that has resulted in numerous cloud forest reserves across the country. All of these features and more come together when trekking in Nicaragua. You may spend a few hours or a few days trekking through unspoilt natural jungle and cloud forest before breaking away from the foliage and making the final trek up to the mouth of the volcano. At the top, you may find a smoldering, smoky mess or you might discover a large, blue-turquoise volcanic lake. As if that alone didn’t make the trek to the top worth it, the view from these stunning mounds of ash and earth are usually breathtaking. They afford a view for miles around – the kind of view that simply cannot be justly captured through the lens of a camera.

Of course if you are not a volcano enthusiast, there are many other trekking opportunities available. In a country that is so wonderfully preserved you will find plenty of cloud forests, jungles, beaches, mountains and villages to explore. It is usually best to contact a tour operator in Nicaragua for more details. Why not contact someone now? You may be surprised to find out just how many trekking options are available!

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