Hacienda San Jacínto – Preserving Nicaragua’s History

Located in the Tipitapa municipality of Nicaragua’s Managua Department, Hacienda San Jacinto is situated on a farm which was the site of a historic battle in 1856. Later referred to as La Batalla de San Jacínto, the Battle of San Jacínto, the altercation was between invading American filibusters under the leadership of William Walker who were trying to forcefully take over Nicaragua, and members of the national army, reinforced by indigenous troops from Matagalpa.

Following an early morning attack by the invading mercenaries on September 14, a long and bloody battle took place, with local forces at first making a strong defense, but later losing ground against their attackers. When it appeared that the Nicaraguan fighters may lose the battle, someone released the horses sheltered in a barn behind the hacienda. The thundering of their hooves as they headed toward the battlefield led the attackers to believe that more troops had arrived, and they retreated. The victory for Nicaraguan forces at this battle was the beginning of the end for filibusters in Nicaragua and they were soon defeated throughout the country. William Walker was eventually executed by the Government of Honduras in 1860.

Visitors to Hacienda San Jacinto will find an interesting range of exhibits in the beautifully preserved hacienda on the farm. Items on display in the museum include some of the rifles used in the historic battle, along with some layouts showing the positions of the invaders and defenders and other interesting artifacts and photographs. The National Symbols of Nicaragua are exhibited in a separate room. Here visitors can view all the Nicaraguan flags from the country’s independence in 1838 until today. There is also a copy of Nicaragua’s national anthem as penned by its author, Salomón Ibarra Mayorga, on display.

There are a number of monuments on the property, dedicated to those who fought in the Battle of San Jacínto. Visitors can talk a walk up to the hill where the horses were released from, and enjoy the spectacular view from there, while remembering that thanks to the dedication and bravery of the men who fought in that battle, the ruthless filibusters were ousted and the Independence of Nicaragua preserved.