Attractions in Nicaragua, Tourist Attractions, Sights

Nicaragua has so much on offer that it can be difficult trying to decide where to start. Do you take a canopy tour of the forest - swinging from trees on specially adapted cables not quite unlike a monkey? Or perhaps a picnic beside the stunning waterfalls of La Maquina is more your style?

Horse lovers jump at the opportunity to enjoy a scenic horseback ride through indigenous forests while culture lovers can spend hours exploring the interesting history of old fortresses and grand buildings that have spent many decades, if not centuries, baking under the hot Nicaraguan sun. Beach resorts certainly aren’t in short supply and provide the opportunity to soak up the sun, enjoy a variety of water sports and even to take to the sand dunes in some instances! If you’re not a fan of getting sand on your body but you love going for a splash, there are a number of amazing lakes situated further inland that would make for an excellent swimming venue. Of course, there are several not-to-be-missed attractions in Nicaragua, such as Ometepe Island, Corn Island, Montelimar and Granada, to choose from. Perhaps if you are clever enough you will be able to combine a few short, action-packed days at each location into one truly memorable holiday. We hope you make some marvelous memories in Nicaragua!