The capital city of the Masaya department, shares its name, and is often referred to as the City of Flowers or the Cradle of Nicaraguan Folklore. This magnificently beautiful city is home to approximately a hundred and fifty thousand residents and located a mere fourteen kilometers from the city of Granada and is also in close proximity to Managua. Named after one of the city’s most popular and breathtaking natural attractions, the Masaya Volcano, it is a destination that makes the most of it picturesque and fertile landscapes.

Over and above enticing travelers to it spectacular wildlife and nature, Masaya has also developed itself into an industrial and agricultural powerhouse, producing goods such as soap, cigars, leather products, wicker furniture, hammocks, clothing and footwear, of which most is shipped to other cities and towns across Nicaragua. But amidst the wonder of the countryside and its flourishing industrial sector, Masaya has many unique attractions to share with visitors.

A popular attraction in Masaya, is the craft market, Mercardo de Artesanias, where the traditions and culture of Nicaragua can be viewed and purchased through their artistic creations, and where the evenings come alive with folk dances. And if the dancing strikes a chord with visitors, they should not miss out on the Fiesta of San Jeronimo, which is celebrated in Masaya annually. Visit the baroque churches dating back to the sixteen century, explore the Masaya Volcano, discover the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve or be enchanted by the Coyotepe fortress that has now become a fascinating museum. The city of Masaya is a destination filled with mystery, history and wonders and will leave visitors with a lasting impression.

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