Explore the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

With the Pacific Ocean washing its shores, the west coast of Nicaragua is well known for its beautiful beaches fringed by the greenery of tropical forests, and is one of the regions of the country receiving attention for the development of tourism infrastructure. Stretching from the Gulf of Fonseca in the north to San Juan del Sur near the border of Costa Rica, Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast offers beaches that are perfect for surfing, including Madera, Puerto Sandino, Miramar, El Transito, Popoyo, Santana, Panga Drops, Manzanillo and Colorados, while other beaches with calmer waters may be more suited to families, such as Marcela, La Flor and El Coco near San Juan del Sur.

San Juan del Sur is the most popular tourism destination on the Pacific Coast, with a number of attractions and a laid-back holiday destination atmosphere. Marking the town’s 150th anniversary in 2002, San Juan del Sur was declared to be the “Tourism City of Nicaragua” and was formally designated the name of “Port of San Suan del Sur”. Lying on a crescent-shaped bay, lined with soft white beaches, the town is overlooked by a huge statue on a hill, named the Christ of the Mercy, which is inscribed with the words “Jesus en ti Confio” (Jesus I trust you). Activities in and around this charming coastal town include surfing, fishing, zip-lining and hiking, while shops, restaurants, cafés and street vendors offer traditional Nicaraguan cuisine and skillfully made arts and crafts.

Traveling north along the Pacific coast, holidaymakers will find the small coastal community of Popoyo to be very welcoming. The beach at Popoyo is particularly popular with surfing enthusiasts due to its excellent and consistent surf, but there are a number of other outdoor activities available. North of Popoyo is El Astillero where visitors can take a boat to various surf spots nearby, and can buy fresh fish and lobster directly from the fishermen who caught them. The beach of the nearby Cococente National Wildlife Refuge is one of the key turtle nesting grounds in the Americas.

Further north is the town of Corinto in the Chinandega region, beyond which is the newly developed Marina Puesta del Sol. Set on 600 acres of beachfront, nestled in dense indigenous forest, and with its own marina, this development offers the luxuries of modern living combined with the tranquility of unspoiled nature. Certainly, the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua has plenty to offer visitors who appreciate natural beauty and warm hospitality.