Bluefields in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Situated on the south end of Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast is Bluefields – a small, unusual little town with a distinctive flavor. With a population of roughly 42,000 the town itself has little offer in the way of attractions and activities, even though it is Nicaragua's chief Caribbean port. What makes Bluefields special are the natural attractions in the vicinity of the city.

According to legend, Bluefields is named after the Dutch pirate ‘Blauwveldt’ who was the first to settle in the area. In the 16th and 17th century it served as a rendezvous point for English and Dutch buccaneers and it soon became a port with some prominence. 1678 saw it becoming the capital of the British protectorate over the Mosquito Coast. Unfortunately, much of the progress made in this little sea port was destroyed along with the town in 1988, but it has been somewhat rebuilt and the current town of Bluefields is an odd mixture of past British colonial buildings, west Indian cottages and Louisiana plantation influences. Most of the inhabitants are English-speaking, but there is occasional interaction with Indians from the Miskito, Sumu and Rama tribes that share the coast.

The area surrounding Bluefields is, in many respects, an ecological and cultural paradise. The tropical rain forest environment is full of plant and animal life that is just waiting to be discovered. It is also quite close to Monkey Point, Rama and Corn Island, making it the ideal departure point for these attractions as well as many other interesting parks and nature reserves. Corn Island is idyllic and makes for a great outing. Besides exploring the sandy beaches, crystal clear water and coral reefs, you can enjoy the opportunity to investigate a Spanish galleon that is just a short distance away from the island. There is no better place to go snorkeling, diving, fishing, swimming and sun bathing. Also of interest is the Pearl Lagoon and Keys, which are not far from Bluefields.

The trip to Bluefields is in itself an adventure. You can travel by bus and then take a trip down the Escondido River or you can fly there from Managua. Whatever you choose, you are likely to find Bluefields to be a destination quite unlike any other.

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