Vacations in Nicaragua, Holidays in Nicaragua

Planning an itinerary for your vacation in Nicaragua can be difficult, especially when you consider the abundance of attractions and activities on offer throughout this spectacular country. Whilst surfing you have likely discovered numerous places to visit and things to do during your holiday in Nicaragua. Where do you begin with your exciting Nicaraguan holiday?

You are most likely to arrive in Nicaragua at Managua International Airport. Many people stay in Managua for a few days where they become acquainted with the rich culture of local Nicaraguans as well as visiting some of the main attractions. From there you may wish to explore the stunning natural surroundings or make your way to one of the other cities such as Granada (the historical city), Leon, Montelimar, Bluefields, Rivas and so on. Each city offers a unique experience. You can read about these and other destinations here on; this will help you decide where you would like to stay. Some cities are of architectural interest, others will appeal to those keen on history, still others offer sparkling beach resorts. Stroll through the vibrant markets where you can purchase items for excellent prices or shop at the city boutiques. Enjoy sumptuous meals, both local and international, at a variety of restaurants. Immerse yourself in Nicaragua’s culture at shows, performances and festivals. After investigating the cities many take pleasure in Nicaragua’s natural beauty.

Numerous forms of ecotourism are offered throughout the country and make for an amazing vacation in Nicaragua. These guided tours will take you to Nicaragua’s beautiful untouched natural splendors. From forest to marsh, from the archipelago to active volcanoes, Nicaragua has it all. Hike through jungle or up one of the massive volcanoes dotting the landscape. Dive in the clear waters surrounding Nicaragua’s islands. As you traverse the many biomes of Nicaragua you will come across a great diversity of fauna and flora. Nicaragua’s natural wonders also provide many opportunities for adventure travel. Visit our pages on Mountain ranges, “Volcanoes”, “Ecotourism” and so on to find out more about pioneering Nicaragua’s wild side.

Your holiday in Nicaragua will be one of the most unique and amazing experiences of your life. You are sure to take home many fantastic memories which you will want to share with friends and family. provides you with all you need to plan the perfect vacation in Nicaragua. We can assist you in booking flights and hotel rooms as well as providing an abundance of information on tourist facilities and attractions.

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