Fishing in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

Nicaragua is a wonderful country to visit if you are a keen fisherman and would like to attempt a variety of fishing techniques in the exotic waters found here. Not only will you have an opportunity to catch a variety of fish in all shapes and sizes, but you will also have a picturesque landscape with volcanoes and tropical rain forests as a background. While you are in this beautiful country take a little time to visit the many wildlife reserves available to you. Some examples include the Montibello, La Flor and the Isla Juan Venado Reserve.

You may wonder how Nicaragua differs as a fishing destination from other seemingly equally wonderful areas. The biggest difference is that the waters of Nicaragua have only recently begun to be fished for recreational purposes. This means that there has been very little sporting pressure on natural fish populations in the area so fishermen can basically view it as virgin territory. It is only once a year from the 13th to 14th of September that the waters come alive with fishermen of all ages and levels of expertise. This is when the Sabalo and Robalo Fishing Tournament is held. During the rest of the year the waters are relatively devoid of sporting fishermen.

You may want to start off with some Super Fly Sport Fishing, which takes you into the Pacific Ocean where you will find fish, such as Marlin, roosterfish and billfish, in sizes you thought impossible. In order to ensure the longevity of sport fishing, participants are required to release all billfish and roosterfish they may catch. Most of the boats used for fishing have the latest fishing equipment and instruments to allow the angler a few options and a variety of fishing techniques.

Super Fly Sport Fishing also takes fishermen inland to places like Lake Nicaragua, the Rio San Juan and Bluefields, where you will find fish like the roosterfish, which can weigh up to 30lbs, Sierra mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Bonito, giant Tarpon, Snook, Hound fish, Snapper, Grouper, Rainbow bass and Machacas.

If you want to catch fish like the Sailfish, small Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado, then visit Nicaragua during its prime fishing months from May to October and you will be well satisfied with your catch like so many others. If you are specifically interested in Tarpon then the Rio San Juan is the river to be on because on a world scale it is the best place for catching this variety of fish.

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