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La Concepción is both a municipality, town and volcano but it is the volcano which is perhaps the best known of these. Located in the Masaya department of Nicaragua, La Concepción is not your average tourist destination. The municipality is spread out over quite a large area and the town itself lies in the shadow of the mighty Nicaraguan volcano. Its existence has been threatened by this giant of the earth on more than one occasion though today most of the people who live here view it in a somewhat positive light.

Any trip to La Concepción will most likely center around this beautiful volcano. The beautiful, green, towering cone of the volcano can be seen over quite a distance and its mouth is often shrouded in a thick blanket of cloud that seems to cover the crater like a lid. Most visitors to the area will at least contemplate a hike up the mountain if they are fit enough to do so. There are generally two options available: the first is a half-day tour that is somewhat easier and will take you up a selection of mountain paths offering stunning views and close up encounters with the local flora and fauna. This trail lasts only about five hours but can be quite grueling due to the effect that the elevation has on your body and steepness of the terrain. However, it is probably the more popular of the two options. The Second is known as the ‘Madera hike’, which lasts 8-10 hours and includes a night’s sleep at the foot of the volcano to ensure an early start to the summit. Needless to say, the views are spectacular but many of the trails – especially those that often receive heavy cloud cover – are often muddy and many hikers often slip and stumble as they make their way to the top. As you hike, you can expect to see creatures such as howler monkeys, dung beetles, locusts, butterflies and giant Ceiba trees. One species of local plant recoils when touched, looking instantly withered but a few moments later it extends itself to its former glory. The air at the top of the mountain is cool and crisp – a welcome break from the humidity of the jungle – so you might want to take something warm to wear if you are planning to climb that high. If you don’t think you could make the hike, stunning views of the mountain can be obtained from the valleys and fields below.

If you want to try another great activity in La Concepción, the La Concepción ‘Botanical Gardens’ is a must-see-attraction. These beautiful, well-cultivated gardens feature a variety of plants that will delight the average person. The gardens are well-maintained and well-organized and make a great addition to any travel plans.

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