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If everything you’ve read so far has inspired you to travel to this beautiful and diverse country, why not book yourself on a Nicaragua tour? Tours oftentimes help you to see the best a country has to offer with the greatest ease possible. They can be customized according to your desires or, if you book with a large tour group, you might find that the tour will just provide a general overview of the country. Taking a tour of Nicaragua is a popular option and should definitely be considered.

If the idea of having everything planned out before you even arrive in the country doesn’t quite appeal to you, you might prefer to consider a few of the guided tours offered in the various towns. A guided tour of Granada and Leon will provide you with interesting insight into the colonial history of the towns. Or if you enjoy nature, you might try a guided tour of one of the many nature reserves that dot the country. See our list of national parks and reserves to help you decide which national parks and reserves you would most like to visit.

Being part of a tour group has many invaluable benefits. For one thing, it gives you easy access to a guide who is trustworthy and who will usually be more than willing to help you communicate with locals if you are unable to do so yourself. It also means you will be able to get meaningful insight into local attractions as well as learn about potential recreational spots that are well-liked by locals. To help you book a Nicaragua tour, we have provided a number of tour operators in Nicaragua for your convenience.

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