Nicaragua’s Condega, Travel Destinations

The small village of Condega, in the Esteli region of Nicaragua, was established in the 1700’s and was under the control of the Leon government for many years. It became a very important village with regard to the transit of gold, wood and agriculture. Condega is a very quaint destination in Nicaragua. This is a place where the streets are dominated by bicycles and pedestrians; a place where old traditions are still the back-bone of the community and the production of pottery is still important to the citizens of Condega. The village is surrounded by beautiful valleys and mountains and, if you want to slip away to a tranquil destination in Nicaragua, you will find that Condega is a place where you can relax and enjoy watching the locals go about their daily lives.

Condega is located near Managua, Leon and Matagalpa. While having limited accommodation options for tourists, Condega is considered of importance because of its contribution to the country’s economy due to its tobacco industry and the production of clay crafts, coffee and leather. Visitors are able to look in on the women who create their ceramic masterpieces. They may also be invited into the guitar-maker’s workshop. Cuban exiles that once lived in Condega learnt the skill of making cigars and took their newly acquired knowledge to Esteli to further the craft.

The Pre-Columbian Museum of Condega has a staggering collection of approximately 3,000 pottery items on exhibit which are complete. The museum also has many pieces of funeral pots, grinding stones and other interesting pieces of pottery.

The Cantagallo Mountains that are located close to Condega are a very popular attraction in Nicaragua and many tourists travel
though Condega Village to reach the intimidating cliffs, crystal clear lagoons and dense pine forests. The Cantagallo Mountains are covered in thousands of vibrant and breathtaking orchids that grow naturally in the area and it is only one aspect of the mountain range that has made Cantagallo a frequently visited attraction in Nicaragua. Condega is also home to the Fair of the Maize, which is a festival that is held to display the versatility and expression that is found in maize. The elaborate and creative costumes that are worn by festival goers are fascinating and fun. The Parochial Temple of Condega, which was established in 1962, also has its roots entangled in the harvesting and growth of maize. The temple is another interesting old building worth visiting.

The village does have a few restaurants and small cafes available for refreshments. Visitors to this tranquil village will likely feel swept away in tradition and culture.

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