Nindiri in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Nicaragua is an expansive country with numerous cities, towns and villages scattered across its landscape. Whilst most visitors to the country are aware of the main cities and chief tourist destinations, they are likely unfamiliar with the many small towns and villages that contribute to the sheer splendor of this country. They may be easy to overlook, but the smaller municipal areas are often well worth a visit. Amongst these is the fine town of Nindirí. Located in Nicaragua's Masaya department, Nindirí has much to offer visitors.

Nindirí is a relatively small village that has been inhabited for many centuries. In fact, it was an important settlement long before the Spanish came to the area. As such it has a fascinating, lengthy history that you may wish to explore. One way to find out more about the lovely region of Nindirí is at the Museo Tenderi or Tenderi Museum. Many historical tours conducted through the area will stop off at this interesting Nicaraguan museum for a few hours and it is very popular with tourists in Nindirí. One of the greatest historical attractions in the village is the Church of Santa Ana. Constructed in colonial style, this is a real treasure for the people of Nindirí. This important structure was named a National Monument in October of 1954. Inside this marvelous church you will discover numerous fine religious artworks. There have been concerns that the church may collapse due to its old age and rate of deterioration. Efforts are being made to restore the building to its former stature. Visitors will find this a fascinating attraction in Nindirí.

Located in the region of Nindirí is the spectacular Masaya Volcano National Park. This impressive protected area of Nicaragua consists of some 54 km² of land. Within its bounds are the volcanoes of Masaya and Nindirí with five craters. These were once very volatile volcanoes. Both indigenous tribes and Spanish invaders were in awe and fear of these mighty mountains. If you are visiting Nindirí, you won’t want to miss a visit to this fine national park. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. There are many activities in the park that visitors can engage in, such as hiking, driving and nocturnal tours. Indeed, Nindirí has much to offer tourists despite its small size.

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