Tourism Conference to be Hosted by Nicaragua

It’s no secret that tourism plays a major role in the economy of many countries. Central America has long been a hotspot for tourism, yet certain countries have always been overlooked and underdeveloped. It seems all that is slowly changing as Nicaragua gets ready to host the upcoming Central America Tourism & Hotel Investment Exchange (CATHIE) conference.

At first glance, Nicaragua may seem an odd choice for such a conference. But on closer investigation, it becomes apparent that it was the perfect choice for host. Nicaragua’s tourism industry is one of the main factors behind the country’s increased economic success. It seems that there has been an average annual growth of 13% in Nicaragua’s tourism industry and this has helped in an 11% growth in tourism receipts. The Central American country also saw more investments in this particular industry during the course of last year, with the overall industry growing 14%, resulting in US$21.7 million being poured into the country through this invaluable facet of the economy.

It has been recently confirmed that the Central America Tourism & Hotel Investment Exchange will be taking place in Nicaragua. According to PRONicaragua, the country’s official investment promotion agency, the Burba Hotel Network has been selected to host the upcoming event. The conference will take place on from March 24 – 26, 2009, and will serve as the perfect meeting place for international investors and tourism developers. This is a major opportunity for the country, which will be able to showcase its many investment opportunities in the tourism industry during the course of the event. At the last inaugural conference, held in Guatemala City earlier this year, almost as many as 250 hotel and tourism industry leaders attended. All were eager to network and to investigate the many hotel investment opportunities available in Central America. The event was a massive success and organizers are optimistic that the 2009 conference will prove to be just as successful.

Registration for CATHIE 2009 is already open. Any companies, institutions or even individuals who are potentially interested in investing in Nicaragua and other Central American countries should start making their plans to attend now. Nicaragua is certainly a beautiful country with plenty to offer and property investment may well provide the perfect way to ride out the current economic fluctuations being experienced by the rest of the world.