Lakeside Nicaragua property in Northern Sierra Mountains is a Bargain

Nicaragua real estate in the Northern Sierra Mountains is perfect for those who prefer a cooler climate and plenty of opportunities for hiking. Lovers of coffee have the added bonus of organic coffee farms in the area under three hundred year old oak. Jinotega department is characterized by high mountains, large valleys, and rolling forested hills. This region has many historical sites, quaint pre-Columbian villages, Nicaragua’s largest natural reserve and Lake Apanas, the country’s most important artificial lake.

Nicaragua real estate development on the banks of Apanas Lake starts at lake level at an elevation of over three thousand feet, along the slopes of the surrounding hills and goes up by about five hundred feet. The lake is twelve miles long, covers twenty square miles and offers excellent opportunities for fishing. Several types of cichlids are found here that apparently look, fight, and eat like bass.

Nicaragua property on the lake is still very affordable in this pristine mountainous area with unmatched scenery. Half-acre lots here begin at less than $25,000 a fraction of the price for a similar lot in Colorado. It is spring weather all year round and the lake is surrounded by prime coffee-growing areas. Enterprising people can start an organic farm or coffee plantation here.

The city of Jinotega is located at an elevation of about 1,000 meters, in a valley surrounded by spectacular mountains. It has its own plaza and cathedral, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, banks, a post office, and a hospital. This valley was already inhabited during pre-Columbian times by different indigenous groups. The mountains that surround the city provide several attractions including some hiking trails

Apanas Lake Estates property is being developed a few miles from here with plans of a clubhouse with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, dining area, and a pier with water sports center. The lots will be served by underground electricity and water connections and property management, maid, chauffer, and gardening services will be available for a small fee. Their property includes an organic coffee plantation and every household on the estate will be gifted coffee each year. Managua is a twenty minute flight or a two hour drive away on paved roads from the International Airport in Managua.