Explore Nicaragua’s Boaco Department

Originally part of the Chontales Department of Nicaragua, Boaco became a separate department in 1938 and includes the municipalities of Boaco, Camoapa, San José de los Remates, San Lorenzo, Santa Lucia and Teustepe. Bordering Lake Cocibolca, Boaco Department’s economy is driven primarily by agriculture cattle ranching, and visitors will find the area to be verdant and tranquil. The city of Boaco is linked by road with Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua, and has all the conveniences of larger cities. Visitors to Boaco may want to take some time to visit the smaller municipalities of the department to appreciate the stunning scenery and laid back atmosphere.

As the only municipality of Boaco with a coastline on Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua), San Lorenzo includes hilly and mountainous terrain, with more than two-thirds of its population living in rural areas. A prominent landmark of the department is the mountain peak Monolito de Quizaltepe which features waterholes, mineral deposits and caves. In August each year the city honors its patron San Lorenzo with a festival and religious activities which visitors are welcome to participate in.

Founded in 1858, and given the status of city in 1926, Camoapa is the capital of the municipality of the same name. While agriculture and the cattle industry are the area’s primary source of income, there is a thriving craft industry in Camoapa, with artisans producing fine leather crafts and hand-woven hats, among other items. Local traditions include the festival in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus held annually on June 24, and the National Cattle Fair in April. Attractions include the ancient ruins of the original city, rock art in Piedra Pintada and the Salinas caves.

Surrounded by mountains and rocky outcrops, Santa Lucía is named in honor of Lucía of Syracuse, better known as Saint Lucy. The area is particularly picturesque and, as with most of Boaco department, the majority of the municipality’s inhabitants live in the rural areas. Attractions of interest in Santa Lucía include the Cuevas de la Cocinera cave system and Santo de las Américas pond.