Events in Nicaragua, Festivals, Concerts

Nicaraguans are well known for their rich cultural heritage and traditions. Throughout the year, various religious and patriotic festivals and events in Nicaragua are enjoyed by the people of the country.

Every town and city in the country of Nicaragua has its own celebration known as ‘Toro Guaco’. The celebration is dedicated to that particular town/city’s patron saint. These vibrant and colorful festivities include processions and satiric mock battles of individuals from folklore and conquistadors from Spain. Celebrations for San Sebastian in January and those for Santiago in July are probably the best known. Between the first and the tenth of August the festival for Santo Domingo is held in Managua. This festival includes a horse parade, grand carnival, cockfights and various sports. A procession carrying the saint’s statue to the shrine features dancers and loud music.

A large number of traditional celebrations take place at the end of the year in Nicaragua. Processions occur throughout Nicaragua and the events are often accompanied by fireworks. One of the main December celebrations is that of La Purísima to honor the Virgin Mary. Religious observances take place in each home. Afterwards fireworks are set-off and the streets come alive with song. On December 7 La Gritería is held. At 6 pm people cry out praises in the churches and explode fireworks. Worship is conducted at altars in the streets. Householders give away fruit, sweets, drinks and other gifts.

Several weekly events also take place in Nicaragua. On Thursday evenings in the Old Market of Masaya you can join in with the folk dancing and music. Sample local foods and purchase crafts. Tertulias take place on Saturdays in Parque Colón of Leon. These social gatherings provide you with the opportunity to enjoy local music, dancing and local cuisine.

Below is a list of events in Nicaragua:

1 February – Air Force Day
Last week March – Holy Week
1 May – May Day
27 May – Army Day
19 July – Revolution Day
1 August – Fiesta Day
14 September – San Jacinto Day
15 September – Independence Day