Sabalos Lodge – Enjoy the Activities and Beauty Galore

Along the quiet banks of the Rio San Juan, an ecotourism lodge lies nestles amongst the captivating beauty of the green jungles. With exotic wildlife on their doorstep and the breathtaking magnificence that nature provides, the Sabalos Lodge in Nicaragua is a destination that will inspire, relax and rejuvenate travelers, while visitors create unforgettable memories in the warmth of the Nicaraguan sun. The biodiversity of the region allows Sabalos Lodge to offer visitors unique experiences and fun activities throughout the day.

There are packages available for activities if visitors want to explore the forests, or they are able to take on one activity at a time. Sabalos Lodge offers canoeing on the river as well as kayaking and rafting, trekking through the forests, hiking, swimming, mountain biking and mountain climbing. Horseback tours are also available, which allow guests to discover the area from the comfort of their horses, while fishing and bird watching are also very popular activities. Observing alligators at night is a thrill, and historical tours not only give visitors the opportunity to understand this breathtaking part of Nicaragua, but get insight into its wildlife and heritage.

When it comes to wildlife and attractions, the surrounding landscapes of Sabalos Lodge have both in abundance. While enjoying the fresh air, comfortable facilities and wildlife excursions, visitors will be able to see a great variety of animals and birds, including howler monkeys, whiteface monkeys, alligators, caiman, various frog species, butterflies, lizards and insects. Attractions in the vicinity include the El Castillo Fort, the Ramiro Reyes Private Reserve, Solentiname Achipelago, Los Guatusos Refuge, Indio-Maiz Reserve World Heritage Site and the Antonio Gomez Private Reserve.

Sabalos Lodge offers wonderful accommodation in their different sized cabins and hotel, which is able to accommodate singles, couples and families. Bottled water is used for consumption at the lodge and the restaurant prepares some of the best meals that visitors will find in Nicaragua. Electricity is supplied to the hotel and cabins through electric motors, solar energy and hydro electrical power devices, to remain an eco-friendly lodge. After a tiring day of activities and exploration, visitors are able to order a drink from the bar, relax in a luxurious hammock overlooking the river and reflect on a day filled with beauty and magnificence.