Expatriates in Nicaragua

While many people never even dream of leaving the town they were born in, there are others who are constantly searching for newer and better horizons. Some of these individuals eventually leave their homeland and take up residency in a foreign country – content to settle for a different way of life that they somehow deem to be of far more value than what they once had. Though to many their actions may seem strange and unreasonable, these people have no doubt found their own version of paradise.

Nicaragua has become just such a paradise for many foreigners. The fact is that there are far more Nicaraguan Expatriates today than many would even guess. And there are going to be many more expatriates in Nicaragua within the next ten years.

What is it that has drawn the already large expatriate community that exists in Nicaragua? Most first-time visitors tend to focus their mental energies on the somewhat difficult conditions that many of the people of Nicaragua endure. Seeing such dismal sights may strike at their conscience and make them more appreciative of the luxuries they enjoy at home. There are, however, those visitors who look past the poverty and see value in a lifestyle that is not driven by money. They see the close family ties, the smiling faces despite economic hardships, and the strong moral values that permeate the general populace of this struggling country. They realize that there is something that they can learn from these beautiful people and they set their hearts on finding out more.

Of course, if you are used to a certain standard of living it can be difficult to cut back – and most Nicaragua expatriates do not really do this. While access to certain goods and foods may be somewhat more limited than at home, prime real estate is also luring many to the country. Some Nicaraguan expatriates start out with a simple investment in property – a value-for-money holiday home. But the more time they spend in this stunning and diverse country, the more they start to think about settling here – about creating employment opportunities and starting new businesses. Before long, they’ve made the move and left their old lives behind, content to live a somewhat simpler life in this stunningly diverse country. They may find that they enjoy less stress, better family lives and a whole lot of other benefits. If the idea of becoming and expatriate in this beautiful country appeals to you, why not speak to an expatriate on our Nicaragua.com forums? There’s no better way to find out more about becoming a Nicaragua expatriate than from foreigners who have taken up residency in Nicaragua for themselves.

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