Travel Options in Nicaragua

There are a wide variety of travel options in Nicaragua. Travel options in Nicaragua will continue to grow along with its tourist infrastructure. One of the first decisions you need to make when considering Nicaragua's travel options is whether you are going to plan everything by yourself or if you are going to go through a tour operator.

If you decide to use a tour operator, there is little to worry about in the way of planning flights and transportation once you reach Nicaragua. If you have decided to organize your own holiday you will now have to consider your travel options to get to Nicaragua. Many direct flights are offered to Nicaragua’s International airport in Managua. Oftentimes people travel to Costa Rica and then enter Nicaragua by means of the Pan American highway. Booking a ticket on a bus would probably be a better idea in this case, as car hire for this option can be quite expensive. Another option is to enter Nicaragua via boat. Find out more about flights to Nicaragua on our “Flights” page.

Once in Nicaragua there are several options for getting around. Flights are available between local airports at several larger cities. Local taxis will be able to take you to different areas in a city and often charge set prices. In Granada, for example, traveling by taxi in the day should cost you around 7 Cordobas and about 15-20 Cordobas at night. Bus services travel along specific routes and will be able to transport you around the cities and through to other cities. Minibuses are another travel option in Nicaragua. These can be booked in advance but are more costly. Certain cities also offer horse cart travel. This is a fun way to discover the city. Sadly, some horses are mistreated, so be careful about who you travel with when making use of this service. Attractions within the cities are often relatively close to each other and can be reached on foot. Car hire is also a great way to get around, especially if you are planning on exploring areas surrounding the main cities. Navigation can sometimes be difficult and so some people prefer to have a guide with them or a driver. With car hire you can choose from budget vehicles to luxury travel options. Find out more about car rental in Nicaragua on our “Car Hire” page.

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