Nightlife in Nicaragua, Entertainment

Some who have visited the country would argue that there is little nightlife in Nicaragua to enjoy. Others would say that it is vibrant and colorful. The differences in opinion are understandable, since Nicaragua’s nightlife options change from city to city and it all depends on where you go and who you know.

There are a variety of options available and what you choose will generally depend on your taste in entertainment. Some cities have a thriving disco and club scene whilst others feature theatrical performances and picturesque restaurant dining. Still others have virtually no nightlife at all and focus on relaxing evenings by the fireplace or on the balcony whilst nursing your beverage of choice. It is good to keep in mind that the lifestyle here is generally quite laid back.

Granada is a popular choice with tourists due to its architectural heritage. If you visit this town, you will find that there is quite an active nightlife near the end of ‘La Calzada’ Avenue by the shore of Lake Nicaragua. Perhaps the best feature here is a boulevard where you can enjoy pleasant evening strolls. The ‘Centro Turistico’ features restaurants, beaches and discos for those looking for something more lively.

As a resort town, Montelimar has endless activities to enjoy during the evening. You can swim whilst sipping a beverage from the beach bar, go gambling at the casino, enjoy fine dining or join the local and visiting youth at the discotheque. Puerto Cabezas features four disco clubs that are open almost every day of the week. Clubs are usually busiest and at their best on weekends and during the holidays seasons.

Managua may not be the ideal for club-seeking younger adventurers, but it does offer those with a taste for culture two fine options. The first can be found right near the city centre in one of the original, undamaged buildings called the “Fine Arts Palace”. The Palace regularly hosts theatrical performances that are definitely worth seeing. There is also a theatre on the small hill outside of town known as La Loma. For a before or after performance treat, you will find a great hotel restaurant not far from the theatre. It is looks out over a volcanic lagoon and has great food and better ambience.

Rivas has several fine restaurants that make for a great evening out. If you want to enjoy some music, there is a local disco. For something calmer, you might try seeing a movie at the cinema, but check first to see what language the films are being shown in. If you’re really looking for entertainment, it might be a good idea to visit Nicaragua during one of the major festivals when the towns come alive.

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