Sport in Nicaragua, Tradition and Culture

Because of the warmer climate, sports in Nicaragua are as diverse as they are popular. The national sport of Nicaragua is baseball, whilst the extensive coastline and beautiful beaches provide the playground for water sports of all kinds. For the more adventurous, you can venture near to the volcanoes in Nicaragua and enjoy the swimming baths there, or try your hand at volcano boarding. Because of the proximity to these volcanoes, the views from the baths here are quite phenomenal.

One of the more popular sports in Nicaragua is fishing. Sport fishing in Nicaragua has grown in popularity in the past few years resulting in quite a following. There are a number of companies that are dedicated to providing sport fishing tours and activities. One of the most popular fish to catch is the Tarpon or Silver King. These fish flock into rivers and lagoons from the sea during April, May and October.

With so many mountains and volcanoes in Nicaragua, there are endless options for hiking and other adventure type sports. From biking around the mountains to sailing along its stunning coastline, sporting opportunities for the fit and healthy abound in Nicaragua.

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